Introducing Domain Cigars

Introducing Domain Cigars

Founders Esteban Disla and Daniel Lance have joined forces to create something truly extraordinary in the world of premium cigars: “From soil to smoke.” Over the past five years, we’ve worked closely with a dedicated team of over 100 individuals in Esteli, Nicaragua. Together, we’ve nurtured tobacco from three distinct growing regions and curated a portfolio of fermented tobacco, lovingly referred to as the Despanic Process, in honor of the matriarch of our tobacco journey. Today, we’re excited to announce the global availability of Tabacalera Familia Disla S.A. and Domain Cigars.

Esteban Disla’s journey in tobacco began at the age of 11 in his native Dominican Republic. His mother, Aurora, became renowned for cultivating exceptional quality tobacco with the assistance of her two sons, Esteban and Raul. Esteban apprenticed under Sergio Cuevas and played a pivotal role in the success of Latin American Cigars, now known as STG. Widely recognized as a master blender, he has crafted some of the world’s most successful brands, including CAO, Torano, Alec Bradley and 30other companies. His recent endeavors include a 10+ year residency at Nica Sueño as Co-founder.

Daniel Lance’s passion for cigars began 17 years ago when he worked for Outlaw Cigar Company and later Fidel’s Cigar Shop. He provided advisory services to cigar shops nationwide, assisting them in navigating challenging markets and facilitating mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, he co-founded Lujo Concepts, a luxury cigar accessories brand now in its ninth year. In his technical career, Daniel has advised government agencies and played a role in modernizing critical infrastructure, as well as contributing to the profitability of startups, including two unicorn startups in industrial cybersecurity.

The scope of this venture is truly remarkable. Esteban initiated this journey decades ago, and in just the past five years, we’ve gone from holding no tobacco to producing 300,000 pounds annually. Esteban’s vision to cultivate, ferment, blend, manufacture, and market his own brand has become a reality, with Daniel adding the valuable perspective of the retailer. We believe that a vertically integrated cigar company of this scale as a startup hasn’t been seen since the Cuban Exodus. It’s a testament to the dedication of Esteban, who started as a humble cigar roller and has now established a dynasty for the Disla family in Nicaragua.

We recently extended invitations to 100 retail partners to join us in commemorating the launch of Domain Cigars. As a gesture of gratitude for this incredible journey and our admiration for this community, we sent a surprise box sampling of Negentropy, Neutron, and No7B. These initial 100 boxes of Domain cigars are not available for purchase; instead, they serve as tokens of our appreciation. All regularly available sizes of our cigars are now in stock and ready for purchase today, with shipping scheduled to commence in April.


Detailed analysis or examination of our feature cigars. 

We incorporate tobacco from our Despanic Process, as well as other sources listed on each feature page. With a five-year catalog of fermented tobacco and an annual production capacity of 300,000 pounds—equivalent to up to 3 million cigars yearly—we ensure the continuity of our blends. Our vertical integration empowers us, as a third-wave cigar maker, to enforce quality control throughout the entire enterprise.

We don’t have a standard core line; instead, we describe our cigars as features, and our flavors as characters. We firmly believe that each cigar narrates a tale, and smoking one is akin to both performing and engaging in that narrative. Our distinctive capability lies in casting these characters through the tobacco we cultivate. If we fail to cast one of these characters, the story they embody ceases to exist. Hence, everything we craft represents a timeless narrative and a collective bond among all who indulge.


Neutron  / Negentropy$11.49Toro (50 x 6)
Neutron  / Negentropy$12.49Box Press – Toro Gordo (56 x 6)
Neutron  / Negentropy$14.49Simulation (60 x 6)
Neutron  / Negentropy$12.49Box Press – Correlation (56 x 5)
Neutron  / Negentropy$11.99Robusto Gordo (56 x 5)
Neutron  / Negentropy$11.49Robusto Extra (52 x 5)
Neutron  / Negentropy$9.99Relvent (52 x 4)
Neutron  / Negentropy$13.99Belicoso Shaggy – His Excellency (54 x 5)
Neutron  / Negentropy$12.49Box Press – Neural Plasticity (60 x 41/2)

Partner Portal

Our business operates exclusively within the business-to-business sphere. Currently, our primary focus is on establishing a top-tier sales support team. However, in the interim, we’re dedicated to creating a centralized hub of information for our retail partners. This platform will enable them to efficiently track and trace orders, access invoices, download image assets for their respective web stores, and leverage our analytics engine to tailor orders to their customers’ needs.

Few Masters

From Soil to Smoke by Esteban Disla & Daniel Lance. A select Few Masters within the Domain of premium cigars. And none possess a story quite like Esteban Disla’s. The hidden Master Blender behind some of the most triumphant cigars.

We aimed to narrate a tale of a challenging journey—a man who poured his heart and soul into his craft, discovering himself within the art, much like his mother and the many great men before him who recognized the passion he harbored for this revered cultural tradition. Upon scanning the QR code within the 1/100 box, you’d encounter the captivating video presentation titled ‘Few Masters.‘ Additionally, our announcement page, accessible here, aimed to unveil our latest endeavors to all our retail partners simultaneously. The intention behind this was to foster a sense of celebration, emphasizing inclusivity rather than exclusivity. After all, who doesn’t appreciate delightful surprises, especially when they involve exceptional cigars?

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