1/100 Company Announcement March 13, 2024

Announcing Domain Cigars

Founders Esteban Disla and Daniel Lance have united their efforts to create something truly extraordinary in the realm of premium cigars: “From soil to smoke.” Over the past five years we’ve collaborated with a dedicated team of over 100 individuals in Esteli, Nicaragua. Together, we’ve nurtured tobacco, from three distinct growing regions and curated a portfolio of fermented tobacco, which we fondly call the Despanic Process, in honor of the matriarch of our tobacco journey. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the global availability of Tabacalera Familia Disla S.A. and Domain Cigars.


Create a cigar company that transcends generations. Cultivate, blend, and establish our own signature cigars. From day one, envision a vertically integrated enterprise led by one of the “Few Masters” globally recognized, Esteban Disla. After five years of meticulous planning and execution, our singular aim is to redefined the standards of the cigar industry. Welcome to Domain Cigars.

  • Master Tobacconist

    Daniel Lance

  • Master Blender

    Esteban Disla

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Daniel Lance

  • President

    Esteban Disla

Decades in the making. Our journey together is just beginning.

Be the first in the world
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⬤ 01. Join Us In A Celebration

You are among a select group of one
hundred partners worldwide,
representing our closest and most
dedicated collaborators.

The initial 100 boxes of Domain cigars are not available for purchase; instead, they serve as a token of our appreciation for this remarkable journey, and our admiration for this community.

All regularly available sizes of our cigars are now in stock and ready for purchase today. “1/100” Boxes come with two of those sizes in Negentropy and Neutron. No7B blend is also included and could become a regular feature with your help.

⬤ 02. Experience

Honoring our heritage while
embracing the essence of a
third-wave cigar maker by streamlining
our visual experience.

The mark adorning our cigars is a distinctive four-point star, symbolizing the coordinates of a navigational beacon. It also signifies the alignment of stars that has guided our journey and facilitated our fruitful collaboration. We’ve employed a bold pallet with warm and luxurious textures, introducing a fresh design that remains reassuringly familiar yet assertive.

Our patent-pending “Perfect Humidity” cigar boxes are the epitome of visual dynamism within their class. Each feature collection in all sizes is designed to fit on a single 48 inch shelf, making it the most retail friendly box available.

Before After
Decades in the making. Our journey together is just beginning.

Be the first in the world
to offer Domain Cigars in your store.


/ Retail



The top-tier retailers understand that the peripheral vision range in most humidors is limited to just 26 inches. That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize width when showcasing a collection of cigars and height when highlighting the brand.

We set out to create a box that could thrive in any retail setting, offering customers a visually impactful and unforgettable experience. While not sacrificing longevity of the cigars with impractical finishes.

Product Management

/ Inventory


Separate SKUs
Box, Refill Bundle, Singles


QR codes on the box, refill bundle, and single cigar all take you to a dedicated page for that cigar, with blend notes and product descriptions.

20 per box, 20 per bundle, Large type font


Partner with us to deliver the ultimate,
consistently exceptional customer

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Decades in the making. Our journey together is just beginning.

Be the first in the world
to offer Domain Cigars in your store.


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