Feature Cigars March 11, 2024


Specially chosen, aged AAA Habano sourced from Oliva Tobacco Co. is paired with a double binder complemented by filler tobacco from our exclusive Despanic Process of fermentation originating from Condega.

Negentropy characterizes the generation of heightened energy that enables natural balance. This blend is fused with high energy, that culminates in a clean finish while delivering impactful intensity. 


Our goal is to create a high-intensity experience with our Negentropy Habano, revealing layers of character that unfold with perfect timing. For this production we meticulously hand-selected wrappers sourced directly from Oliva Tobacco's Ecuador Habano guaranteeing exceptional quality and flavor.

  • Blender

    Daniel Lance, Esteban Disla

  • Tobacconist

    Daniel Lance

  • Production

    9 Feature sizes, 20 count boxes

  • Blend

    Ecuador Habano, Binder Nicaragua, Filler Nicaragua

  • Character

    Eucalyptus, Molasses, Clove, Black Pepper, Leather, Hickory

  • Factory

    Tabacalera Familia Disla S.A.

⬤ 01. Origin

This blend emerged victorious from the
most epic blending session, surpassing
hundreds of variations to claim the top spot.

Harmonizing robust ligero primings with our Despanic process Viso and Seco, all the while honoring the rich heritage of this iconic wrapper.

Even the most discerning cigar enthusiasts will find delight in the readily discernible flavor notes that effortlessly shine through the intensity. 


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