Feature Cigars March 11, 2024


Specially selected and aged AAA Mexican San Andreas sourced from TANICSA’s Gilberto Oliva is carefully combined with a double binder, accompanied by filler tobacco derived from our exclusive Despanic Process of fermentation, hailing from Condega and Pueblo Nuevo.

Neutrons possess the unique capability to orchestrate the charge of their surroundings. “Neutron,” characterized by its neutral charge, and medium intensity stands as a masterpiece. This enduring flavor profile reaches its full maturity during second fermentation, achieved through meticulous aging.


Our goal was to enrich a traditionally intricate blend associated with Mexican San Andreas, highlighting elements often overlooked in this exceptionally high-quality tobacco. While achieving a genuine medium-intensity San Andreas is considered challenging or even impossible.

  • Blender

    Esteban Disla

  • Tobacconist

    Daniel Lance

  • Production

    9 Feature sizes, 20 count boxes

  • Blend

    Mexican San Andreas, Binder Nicaragua, Filler Nicaragua

  • Character

    Vanilla, Cedar, Savory, Macadamia, Silk, Sweet

  • Factory

    Tabacalera Familia Disla S.A.

⬤ 01. Origin

Esteban is making a bold statement by
introducing a new paradigm in how we
perceive the conventions of
cigar making.

Neutron entails meticulously crafting the blend from Soil to Smoke, which includes the specialized growth and fermentation of tobacco tailored specifically for this blend’s aging process until it reaches its savory resting place.

Through our catalog of tobacco over the course of five years, more than a dozen crops had to be meticulously hand-selected and evaluated for potential inclusion in this blend, despite the rigorous selection process our most intricate blend instructions must still be meticulously executed by the Boncheros rolling each cigar.


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